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Mr.Sridhar Dayal , M.Tech., is a freelance Writer/ Producer and Director, 32 yrs of age , a Sagittarian , loves adventure , out door, reading, nature and screen writing and the American Cinema.

Dayal has obtained a Masters Degree in Technology from a premier US University and is finishing his Doctorate. Dayal is working as C.O.O & Director on Board for InfoSat Corporation, a US MNC ( Dayal has done extensive research on the American Cinema and on wide ranging Sciences and Technology.

Dayal is a blend of literature, film , fashion and technology rolled into one tunnel.Dayal was represented by leading US Literary Agencies like Fenton Entertainment Inc and Pacific literary Services. Dayal has written several original screenplays and made several multimedia short films with special effects and now ventures into low budget film making for US market.

Dayal is a highly talented and dedicated independent film maker with interests in Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller and Rom. Com. Genres. Dayal is seeking powerhouses of Hollywood for representation and also appreciates like minded people who would love to work in the American cinema. Dayal is now building a team to start a motion picture corporate and wishes to make oscar bait and block buster films and always welcomes young talent.

Dayal appreciates H.G.Wells, Jules Verne, Micheal Chrichton and all those Hollywood greats like Spielberg, Lucas , Zemackis , Jan De Bont , Dean Devlin , Roland Emmerich and the endless list. Science inspires Dayal , Technology motivates him and the art and creativity backs him in presenting his ideas and would like to make the films that touches the hearts of human beings.

Welcome to the second stint of magic of Lumier Brothers, kinema oh yea the contemporary American Cinema.

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