Lumiere Brothers
The Inventors of the Kinema ( Cinema )

"The cinema is an invention without a future."
-- Louis Lumiere

Celebrating 100 yrs of Cinema and taking it ito New Millenium

The Journey started when Auguste and Louis Lumiere were credited with the world's first public film screening on December 28, 1895. Exactly after 100 years in 1995 a group of film makers inspired by the inventors of kinema ( cinema ) have restarted the journey.
The showing of approximately ten short films lasting only twenty minutes in total was held in the basement lounge of the Grand Cafe on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris and would be the very first public demonstration of their device they called the Cinematograph which effectively functioned as camera, projector and printer all in one.ctor

The Lumiere Brothers Film Corporation was started with Independent Film Makers and Creators with diverse origins and cultures and who are deeply inspired by the Inventors of Kinema ( Cinema ). We capture truth and promote peace.

Lumiere Brothers Inc. produce films that touch the human heart and fall close to mother nature. Lumiere Brothers Inc. loves true stories and always strive to tell a story with full of commercial values.

There are lot of similarities between Original Lumiere Brothers and modern day Lumiere Brothers Inc. both have started with short films and screened them in Basement Lounges.

We are inclined towards Genres like science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal, thriller, action adventure, romantic comedy and crime thrillers.

Our interests are shorts, motion pictures, fashion and special effects.We hold studios in different nations and outsource some part of work to professional groups.

Like Lumiere Brothers we are Inventors, Innovators and Creators and Cinematographers and distributors. We believe in making quality films for US market and strive to deliver blockbusters and low budget films.

Lumiere Brothers Corporation also fuses the Film and Fashion Industries and draws leading Fashion Designers, Photographers and Models for Promoting Excellence in Entertainment Industry.]

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